Chained Weekly Digest #6 – 9 – 15 July

This is the end, I mean FIFA World Cup has ended. France is a World Champion in football, but that doesn’t mean that Chained Weekly Digest is ending as well – not even close. In Chained Weekly Digest #6 you can read summaries of articles, read and reviewed between 9 and 15 of July, enjoy the read!


“Crypto and Blockchain — Following in the Footsteps of Man’s Greatest Inventions?”

Author: Gareth Jenkinson
Source: Crypto and Blockchain — Following in the Footsteps of Man’s Greatest Inventions?
Date of publication: July 2018

Key points:

  • Human civilization has gone through massive growth periods, thanks to major technological advances;
  • Author provides a list of 5 greatest inventions in communications technology that have changed the way people access and consume information and data;
    • Printing press – 1436 Gutenberg press
    • Electricity – 1800s and specifically 1879 invention of light-bulb by Thomas Edison
    • Radio – 1901 Gulglielmo Marconi
    • Internet – 1960s US Agencies
    • Blockchain – 1980s foundations of public cryptography, 2009 Bitcoin
  • “Like the early years of electricity, radio and the internet, the uses of this technology are still being figured out. But as more people come to grips with the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the faster adoption occurs.”;
  • Blockchain technology is being used by both public and private sector.

“13 Reasons We Can Be Excited About Blockchain”

Author: Ben Ari
Source: 13 Reasons We Can Be Excited About Blockchain
Date of publication: July 2018

Key points:

  • According to Cynthia Blanchard, Co-Founder of Anthem Vault, Inc – open blockchain is truly the most honest and pure form of democracy in the world;
  • Blockchain can leapfrog technology that was never implemented in developing areas of the world, and provide a better solution;
  • Fighting with generational poverty, by empowering traditionally marginalized people to build wealth with crypto;
  • When implemented according to fundamental ideas, blockchain as a system is a vehicle for universal truth;
  • Source of innovation;
  • Take the control from the central banks and eliminates the fees
  • Monetizing data that we own;
  • Trust revisited by providing audit-ability of things that go on a blockchain, and nearly impossible way of changing what was written in ledger.

“Bitcoin Governance”

Author: Pierre Rochard
Source: Bitcoin Governance
Date of publication: July 2018

Key points:

  • “Bitcoin governance is the process by which a set of transaction and block verification rules are decided upon, implemented, and enforced, such that individuals adopt these rules for verifying that payments they received in transactions and blocks fit their subjective definition of “Bitcoin”.”
  • Currently Bitcoin governance process consist of long set of verification rules that covers syntax, data structures, resource usage limits, sanity checks, time locking, reconciliation with the memory pool and main branch, the coin base reward and fee calculation, and block header verification;
  • Research, Proposal, Implementation, Deployment, Enforcement key steps of Bitcoin change introduction.

“Ethereum Developer Tools List”

Author: ConsenSys Github
Source: Ethereum Developer Tools List
Date of publication: N/A

Key points:

  • List contains all sorts of things form languages and frameworks to governance, standards and scaling information;
  • It’s an open source, community based guide for developing on Ethereum.

“Ethereum’s Joe Lubin: We’re Moving Into Phase Two of ETH Blockchain ‘This Year’”

Author: Marie Huillet
Source: Ethereum’s Joe Lubin: We’re Moving Into Phase Two of ETH Blockchain ‘This Year’
Date of publication: July 2018

Key points:

  • At Rise conference in Hong Kong, Ethereum Foundation’s co-founder Joseph Lubin said that in 2018 we will see “layer two” systems ramify and mature;
  • As mentioned by Lubin, “layer two” would preserver “layer one”, in addition new technologies would be added with various on-, side-, or off- chain mechanisms enabling greater scalability – example: Plasma;
  • All panelists (Joe Lubin, Erik Torenberg and Melissa Guz), agreed that crypto-specific regulation is necessary sooner rather than later, to prevent conservative rollbacks from governments.

“Metal Concentrates Exchange to Form Blockchain Consortium for Minerals Trading”

Author: Ana Alexandre
Source: Metal Concentrates Exchange to Form Blockchain Consortium for Minerals Trading
Date of publication: July 2018

Key points:

  • Open Mineral (online physical commodities exchange) is planning to build a consortium of mining companies and financial organizations to develop a blockchain-based mineral trading system;
  • Open Mineral has partnered with DApp developer ConsenSys to set up Minerac – blockchain project focused on improving mineral trading and supply chain logistics;
  • “Minerac will allow stakeholders to securely exchange critical trade documents, such as bills of lading and letters of credit, via the use of smart contracts.”
  • In addition to that Minerac aims also to address sustainability and security flaws in mineral trade by introducing a process into supply chain and logistics part of business wherein bags and containers would be assigned an ID that is recorded on Minerac blockchain system. ID’s would be related and updated with location and delivery movement details.



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