„For even the very wise cannot see all ends.” 
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

If you are reading this blog posts, I  can safely assume that you are connected wiht IT world in that way or another.

Based on that with great dose of confidence, I can say that you know what StackOverflow (or similar: ServerFault, SuperUser etc.) is.

Now the question: How many times have you used StackOverflow either for private projects or during a day job?

Answer at least in my case is straight forward – too many to count. There is nothing wrong in that, in the contrary for me being an IT specialist doesn’t mean to know all the answers, it means to know how to properly address the problem and how to combine what I already know with what is shared / available for me (either in books, blogs or sites like StackOverflow).

That said, not so long ago I’ve realized that I’m only taking from community all the good stuff, but I’m not sharing anything.

This is a waste, if you think how much time you can save for other people that are looking for an answer which you already have, you will realize that „sharing is caring”.

In order to change my approach, I’ve written down ideas as to how I can repay what I’ve been given by community. You can find these points below:

  • I’ve got back to my StackOverflow (and other) account – not much reputation points there, at least not yet 🙂 – updated it and daily trying to help someone in categories that I’m most familiar with;
  • This blog – is the place where I would like to share with all of you: my ideas, solutions to problems that I’ve faced and all the new stuff that I’m playing with. Keep calm and visit this blog once in a while, more content will come;
  • Twitter / LinkedIn – if I find something interesting (not necessarily from IT world) either an article, news, comment etc., I’m simply re-twitting or sharing it with my friends / contacts to make the final audience even bigger;

Something for the future:

  • Take active part in open source project;
  • Have all of my side projects on public version control (GITHUB currently) system;
  • Share my experience and knowledge with others on meetups, conferences etc;

I highly encourage you to be open, to share what you know, let others learn from you, that way all of us are getting better

I’m curious what do you think about it and what is you experience?


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