After working with Qlik products (QlikView, Qlik Sense mainly) for over 3 years, I thought that it may be useful to prepare for you list of 10 essential (for me and I hope for your) tools that can be used when working with Qlik.

This blog post will be totally subjective opinion, you may disagree with the list of tools below, that’s perfectly fine, name yours in comments section so that other people can benefit. Please don’t mind the order of the tools, it doesn’t really matter.


1. QlikView Components

Author: Rob Wunderlich

Link to page: https://github.com/RobWunderlich/Qlikview-Components

Description: QlikView Components (QVC) mostly used in QV Scripting but can also be leverage in QS world is a library of script subroutines and functions that will greatly improve speed and quality of script development.


2. Qlik Deployment Framework

Author: Team Qlik (mainly owned by: Damian Waldron, Magnus Berg, Michael Tarallo)

Link to page: https://community.qlik.com/groups/qlikview-deployment-framework

Description: QDF is a set of guidelines and utilities that enable: Resource Sharing, Reuse, Organization, Structure and Standards providing an effective and efficient deployment including both QlikView and Qlik Sense. It comes packed with QlikView Components library and QlikView System Monitor tool as well.


3. Qlik Script Support (Visual Studio Code / Sublime Text – In-Qlik Tools)

Author: InQlik Tools (Vadim Tsushko) | Qlik for VS Code (Xavier Hahn)

Link to page: https://github.com/inqlik/inqlik-tools

Description: This is for those that prefer to edit and modify Qlik Scripts outside of either QlikView or Qlik Sense. InQlik Tools can be used with Sublime Text and is far more robust than Qlik for VS Code. Second provides only support for Qlik scripting  language to VS Code (syntax highlighting and auto completion of functions, InQlik Tools on the other hand is everything that you would wish for from outside tool (and more), among others: Syntax Highlighting, Symbols, Build System, QVD Viewer, QVW.LOG file viewer, Syntax checks, Expand variables mode;


4. QViewer

Author: Dmitry Gudkov

Link to page: http://easyqlik.com/

Description: QViewer is a fast (10 mln rows load in 1-2 seconds) and lightweight (<1MB) standalone utility for viewing, filtering, and profiling Qlik’s QVD files*


5. Qlik Document Analyzer (QV / QS)

Author: Rob Wunderlich

Link to page: http://qlikviewcookbook.com/tools

Description: If you want to have insights as to where fields, variables are used or unused, discover the footprint on RAM memory, investigate the impact of data changes these applications are the ones to use.


6. Script Log Analyzer

Author: Rob Wunderlich

Link to page: http://qlikviewcookbook.com/tools

Description: Rob what we would do without you … This tool will analyze 1 or many Qlik View or Qlik Sense (in specific format) logs, it will present you the operations being done in the script and the duration of each script statement in a reload.


7. Qlik Governance Dashboard / Operations Monitor

Author: Team Qlik

Link to page: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/governance-dashboard/2.0/Content/What.htm  | http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Subsystems/Monitoring/Content/OperationsMonitor/Operations-monitor-app.htm

Description: First tool (Governance Dashboard) is made for QlikView it provides QlikView administrators and developers visibility into their QlikView deployments by displaying metadata collected from QVW, QVD, and QVX files and QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher log and configuration files. The Governance Dashboard can show aggregate governance data for disparate Server/Publisher clusters or nodes. Second one (Operations Monitor) used in Qlik Sense loads service logs to populate charts covering performance history of hardware utilization, active users, app sessions, results of reload tasks, and errors and warnings. It also tracks changes made in the QMC that affect the Operations Monitor. With the Operations Monitor, you can track system performance and investigate activity that might adversely affect it.


8. Community Extensions on Qlik Branch

Author: Community

Link to page: http://branch.qlik.com/#!/

Description: It’s a place to share and collaborate on open source projects and ignite innovation leveraging Qlik products* If you don’t want to re-invent the wheel, that’s good, Qlik Branch is your first stop shop to check if extension that you are thinking about was already built.


9. Community on Qlik Branch Slack

Author: Community

Link to page: http://qlikbranch-slack-invite.herokuapp.com/

Description: Community on Slack is a group of over 1350 people that collaborate, discuss and share ideas, questions and answers on Qlk related topics. If you are a slack user this channel is definitely something you want to check.


10. Community at Qlik.com

Author: Community

Link to page: https://community.qlik.com/welcome

Description: No better place then home, if you have questions, concerns, ideas, this is the place that you will start with. By far the best community for a product that I’ve seen. One can find there useful documents, groups, tools or can ask specific question or raise an idea for enhancement, you should definitely have that one in your favorites.

Bonus below you can find some additional tools that may come in handy especially from performance / administration stand point.

Qlik Scalability Tools

Author: Team Qlik (mainly owned by: Sebastian Fredenberg, Jens Argentzell, Lars Skage)

Link to page: Qlik Sense Scalability Tools (https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-8878) | Qlik View Scalability Tools (https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-6658) | Community group on qlik.com (https://community.qlik.com/groups/qlikview-scalability)

Description: Both packages contains a complete set of tools for easy creation, execution and analysing of load/performance tests and regression tests.


Qlik Sense Developer Tool

Author: Erik Wetterberg

Link to page: https://github.com/erikwett/DevTool

Description: Developer tool extension for Qlik Sense, by providing a floating action button to Qlik Sense application it allows the user to display id, type, handle and properties for visualizations.



Author: Adam Haydon

Link to page: https://github.com/ahaydon/Qlik-Cli

Description: Qlik-Cli is a PowerShell module that provides a command line interface for managing a Qlik Sense environment.


Butler for Qlik Sense

Author: Göran Sander

Link to page: https://github.com/mountaindude/butler

Description: Node.js based proxy app providing various add-on features to Qlik Sense, such as starting reload tasks or posting to Slack from the load script, keeping track of currently active users and much more*


Git / Github / SVN

Description: I will not explain how important it is to version your code, you can use either SVN or GIT that doesn’t matter, just do it! Grab your .qvs / .qvw (reduced or exported to –prj) / .qvf (reduced or exported to .json) and put them under version control, you will thank me someday.





*Copied from tool description

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  1. Hi thanks for the list of all the tools.

    One point took my attention in particular –> .qvf (reduced or exported to .json).
    How do you export a qvf file to it’s JSON-Format structure

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